Il concetto di verità per Platone

The concept of truth for Plato

The concept of truth for Plato the years that separated Plato and Aristotle were not many, However the social and political context had changed. The crisis of the polis was irreversible and the Greek citizen .... Read more »
Teoria delle idee di Platone

Plato's theory of ideas

Plato's theory of ideas Plato, developing his thoughts wondered what was the proper object of science, concluding that they cannot be anything else than the ideas, Hence the theory of .... Read more »
Pensiero filosofico di Platone

Plato's philosophical thought

Plato's philosophical thought Plato was born in Athens and at the age of twenty he became a disciple of Socrates. The master's death, (caused by a wrongful conviction for corruption to youth) represented for him a decisive event.. Read more »
Talete di Mileto

Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus Thales of Miletus was the founder of the Ionian school and lived in the late 7th century BC and the first half of the 6th century b.c.. Thales was a statesman, astronomer,mathematician and physicist.. Read more »
La scuola Ionica di Mileto

The Ionian School of Miletus

The Ionian School of Miletus in the Ionian School of Miletus flourished from the 6th century in Ionia, in the southern territory of Asia minor which had been colonized by the same people that gives .... Read more »
Presofisti o presocratici

Presofisti or presocratics

Presofisti or presocratics the term presocratics, in the ’ field of Greek philosophy denotes a differentiated group of thinkers, for most front to Socrates, that have focused on the problem of nature and reality. I... Read more »