Le tipologie testuali

The textual typologies

            The text types     the three elements that define the structure of a text is the content (a collection of information that the ’ author intends to transmit) , the shape (physiognomy.. Read more »
Lo schema della comunicazione

The pattern of the communication

Lo schema della comunicazione Ogni giorno, without even realizing it,we are immersed in a universe with a multitude of signs and information, is the scheme of the communication. Ognuno in un breve lasso di tempo riceve una... Read more »
Fabula e intreccio

Fabula and weave

Fabula and interlacing when we tell, or there is told a story we can see that the events are not always arranged in chronological order (There may be flashbacks, sneak peeks,…). This indicates that a single story can be .... Read more »
La sequenza narrativa

The narrative sequence

The narrative sequence the sequence is a segment of text more or less along that contains certain facts or info about a single topic. The sequence is then a portion of story logic and province .... Read more »
Narratore e punti di vista

Narrator and points of view

Narrator and points of view can be thought of as a narrator figure which tells the facts of history, describing certain environments or situations by expressing, sometimes, personal judgements on what happened. It is .... Read more »
Autore e lettore

Author and reader

Two distinct figures and fundamental player and author in a text, the author and the reader are distinguished as follows. The author of a text, of a work is the one .... Read more »