La rete alimentare e il flusso energetico

The food Web and energy flow

The food Web food chains are not separated as an organism can participate in more different food chains. Combining several food chains are therefore a food Web, that is a more complex system. I... Read more »
La catena alimentare

The food chain

            Food chain the food chain is the set of organisms that feed on organisms with other trophic levels. The food chain is formed by different trophic levels:... Read more »

L ’ ecology

Ecology ecology is the science that studies the various interactions that are established between human beings and other living things, and between organisms and the environment in which they live. The interactions between living organisms.. Read more »
I sei regni

The six kingdoms

The six kingdoms science with time could classify different types of animals, several types of bacteria or fungi not to mention plants and other organisms. To make clearer their .... Read more »
Biologia, la scienza della vita

Biology, the science of life

Biology, Life Science Biology, from Greek bio(s), “life” and logeia, (by logein) “discoursed” means study of life and runs from the biosphere, so on a scale very large to the very small (microscopic)... Read more »
Il metodo sperimentale o scientifico

The experimental or scientific method

The experimental or scientific method In this article you will find the most important background information for experimental or scientific method. The man always shows curiosity for all phenomena occurring around him:... Read more »