Le forze e l’equilibrio statico

Forces and static balance

Forces and static balance In this article we will discuss the forces and static balance. To explain the concept of equilibrium of two forces we can consider the figure with the cat. The cat is .... Read more »
Accelerazione e accelerazione media

Acceleration and average acceleration

Acceleration and average acceleration In this article we will take a brief look at what are the concepts of acceleration and average acceleration in physics. When the velocity of a body changes in form, or .... Read more »
La velocità

The speed

The speed the speed can be defined simply as the speed with which is traversed by a given body space. In physics, it is useful to introduce another concept, the average speed. This size .... Read more »
Lo spazio e i sistemi di riferimento

Space and reference systems

Space and space reference systems, as the weather is rather difficult to define.. The space considered in mechanics as a “place” where the physical phenomena and is therefore perceived .... Read more »
Il concetto di tempo

The concept of time

The concept of time time is difficult to define and in this respect it is worth mentioning St. Augustine (354-430) who said: “What is ’ then the time?” If no one asks me , I know;... Read more »
Le cifre significative e le sue regole

The significant digits and its rules

The significant digits and its rules The laboratory scientific instruments have a certain sensibility that expresses values through a limited number of digits. The figures obtained from a measurement are called digits.. Read more »