Accelerazione e accelerazione media

Acceleration and average acceleration

Acceleration and average acceleration In this article we will take a brief look at what are the concepts of acceleration and average acceleration in physics. When the velocity of a body changes in form, or .... Read more »
La velocità

The speed

The speed the speed can be defined simply as the speed with which is traversed by a given body space. In physics, it is useful to introduce another concept, the average speed. This size .... Read more »
Lo spazio e i sistemi di riferimento

Space and reference systems

Space and space reference systems, as the weather is rather difficult to define.. The space considered in mechanics as a “place” where the physical phenomena and is therefore perceived .... Read more »
Il concetto di tempo

The concept of time

The concept of time time is difficult to define and in this respect it is worth mentioning St. Augustine (354-430) who said: “What is ’ then the time?” If no one asks me , I know;... Read more »