Caratteristiche generali dell’arte paleocristiana

General characteristics of early Christian art

General characteristics of early Christian Art In this article you will find the General characteristics of early Christian art. Early Christian art literally means “the first Christians”. This term covers all figurative expressions related to new religion, spread .... Read more »
Le necropoli etrusche e la pittura

The Etruscan necropolis and painting

The Etruscan necropolis and paintings In this article you will find the main features of Etruscan art and in particular the Etruscan necropolis and painting. The Etruscan civilization developed from the ninth century.. Read more »
Gli ordini architettonici greci

Greek architectural orders

Greek architectural orders The Greek temple architecture was based on the structural system of’ architrave. Vertical carriers are the columns, While the ’ horizontal element consists of the entablature. The basic rules of the buildings are .... Read more »
La ceramica cretese

Cretan ceramics

Short article on the Cretan Cretan ceramics ceramic populations lived on the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean and more specifically in the territories bordering the Aegean Sea have always shown great skill in working .... Read more »
La pittura greca

The Greek painting

Greek Greek painting painting, and especially that very specific subjects such as Cretan had heroic scenes, the sea, the sacred rites, Games, animals and nature understood as vegetation .... Read more »
Le arti figurative egizie

Egyptian art

Egyptian art as explained in the previous article the Egyptian art was the direct expression of the Pharaoh. The artist was then subject to the directives of the Pharaoh and could not in any way express his creative freedom.. Read more »