Le arti figurative egizie

Egyptian art

Egyptian art as explained in the previous article the Egyptian art was the direct expression of the Pharaoh. The artist was then subject to the directives of the Pharaoh and could not in any way express his creative freedom.. Read more »
L’arte egizia

L ’ Egyptian art

Egyptian art     the history of civilisation of the Nile River begins around 3000 l.., When were unified upper and lower Egypt. For nearly three thousand years, marked over three distinct periods (Ancient, Medium and New .... Read more »
L’architettura nella Preistoria

L ’ architecture in prehistory

The architecture in prehistory the first examples of stone architecture built by man date back to the Neolithic age. Such architectures consisted of huge stones stuck in the ground in order to compose certain structures and or alignments in the territory .... Read more »
La pittura rupestre nella Preistoria

The prehistoric rock painting

The prehistoric rock painting the man left artistic works of great interest especially in the Paleolithic era. The cave paintings that they let the men of the Paleolithic era clearly show their great powers of observation .... Read more »