Concezione dello Stato assoluto di Hobbes

Absolute conception of the State of Hobbes

Hobbes's conception of absolute State thought the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) diverges from that ’ man on concepts such as the condition of wolffian State of nature, on the nature of the Pact and characteristics.. Read more »
Le nuove concezioni politiche del 1600

The new political conceptions of 1600

The new political designs new policies of 1600 They concerned in particular the conception of law and State. The modern era is characterized by the consolidation and the emergence of the State as an institution of a form.. Read more »
Il problema della tolleranza religiosa nel 1600

The issue of religious tolerance in 1600

The issue of religious tolerance in 1600 The traditional debate on the superiority of theology than to philosophy, that had characterized the culture of the middle ages and in part that Renaissance found new outlets in the definition of .... Read more »