La Prima Repubblica italiana

The first Italian Republic

The first Italian Republic at the time of the liberation of Italy from Nazi-fascism, the country was deeply divided. In southern Italy the war had ended in the summer of ’ 1943 While the North was extended through 1945. In the North, etc.. Read more »
La guerra fredda in Asia

The cold war in Asia

The cold war in Asia during World War II in China the three Alliance between Communists, nationalists and Japanese was followed by minor characters while the Japanese were trying to cope with the Americans in the Pacific .... Read more »
La nascita dello Stato di Israele

The birth of the State of Israel

The birth of the State of Israel at the beginning of the 20th century many specialized agencies had arranged the return of thousands of Jews in the promised land, where was still survived a small autonomous Jewish community. During .... Read more »
La cortina di ferro in Europa

The iron curtain in Europe

The iron curtain in Europe since 17 July to 2 August 1945 the three allies of Yalta we met near Berlin (in Potsdam). Meanwhile was born a climate of mutual distrust.. Read more »
Il processo di Norimberga

The Nuremberg trials

The Nuremberg trials after the fall of Nazism the Germany found itself with a big legal problem, moral and political. The Germany was ruled for twelve years from a dishonest regime and terrifying, to .... Read more »
Il comunismo in occidente dopo il 1945

Communism in the West after the 1945

Communism in the West after the 1945 After eliminating the threat nazifascita the two great powers, United States and the Soviet Union, found themselves at odds. According to the American communism was a totalitarian ideology ’, While .... Read more »