Heating muscles or physical preparation


Muscle warming
Riscaldamento muscolareWith warm-up means all measures and provisions applied before you run a physical effort, able to create an optimal mental and physical level and to avoid the risk of accidents.

This kind of preparation has therefore aims to improve performance through increased blood flow to the muscles and all increased body temperature.

In each case by the end of the physical preparation all ’ beginning of ’ actual activity should not spend more than 6-10 minutes.

Depending on the length and type of physical activity that you want to play it would be better to heat longer or shorter, with specific exercises for sport (ES heating arms, wrists and legs in tennis,….).

It is generally recommended that you begin with medium-intensity exercises and then switch to dynamic stretching exercises slow.

Here's an example of a possible series of exercises:

  • Easy running

  • Dynamic elongation slow

  • Saltelli

  • Dynamic elongation slow

  • Toning

Heating can clearly be carried out with the support of objects (balloons,ropes,…) and music, also can be done in small groups (2-3 people), groups (3-… people) or individually.




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