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Mechanics analysis and comment


Mechanics analysis and comment

Analisi e commento le mecaniche

In this article you will find l’analysis and the comment text “Mechanics” about Galilei.

Mechanics” ’ is a work written by Galileo Galilei in 1599.
The text proposes a whole series of examples (“How to get l ’ water from a well”), relatively simple intuitions explained according to their mechanical process.
Thanks to a concrete and precise lexicon (view very important physical concepts such as time, the strength and quantity), Galilei offers of direct comparisons between mechanical instruments, Stressing the economic and physical advantage that we can draw from this ’ last.
Galilei uses common Italian ’ to reach more interested people all ’ topic. Language function is then be highly communicative, Since the construction of sentences pose l ’ reader's attention on every detail of the mechanical process.
Galilei underlines the adaptability of the instruments, but, in certain situations need to be changed to be functional to the place where you use (such as the bucket on a pontoon should be replaced by a hydraulic pump, cited by Galilei in ’ opera).
L‘ artwork of Galilei It is located in the historical and cultural context of the scientific revolution. During this period, and especially thanks to the contribution of Galilei, developed in an important way the new experimental science. In the 17th century and in earlier centuries the cognitive plane was controlled by the so-called auctoritas, the Church, He founded his own conception of nature on the facts narrated in the Bible (for example they had a dell ’ geocentric universe).




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