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Analysis of the eighth day of the second novella Decameron


Analysis of the eighth day of the second novella Decameron

Analisi seconda novella dell'ottava giornata del Decameron

In this article you will find the’ analysis of the second novel of the eighth day of the Decameron, better known as the news of priest from Varlungo and monna Belcolore.
The theme of the day are the pranks in General and the Queen is Lauretta, While the novel is told by Panfilo.
We continue l’ analysis of the eighth day of the Decameron second novella with a brief summary of the plot of the story.
The priest of Valrungo like to lie with women. Among all those in the country had particularly monna Belcolore, a beautiful peasant girl who can dance and sing. One day the priest, knowing the woman's husband out of town for some commissions goes to Belcolore and through a deal he obtained what he wanted (a relationship with the woman): She claimed five livres, but he did not leave with them having a pledge promising to bring her the money the cloak within a few days. Back to the parish priest, regretted having left the precious robe decide to devise a plan for truly appropriate them without shelling out the five livres agreed. She decided to send a cleric to the woman's House and borrow a mortar; wait so the return of her husband to send the cleric to bring the mortar to get in Exchange for the return of the cloak left in pledge. Belcolore, in front of her husband, I delivery without protest, but through the cleric sends Word to the priest, using a metaphor for not suspicious her husband that you will never again. Time after the priest and Mrs. meet again in a harvest and the priest threatened the woman unless you will subject more to his desire will end up in hell. Scared the woman agrees to indulge yourself with him again accept a small compensation.
We continue this analysis of the second novel of the eighth day of the Decameron with relation to the day where it belongs.
The fulcrum around which unfolds the story of the novella is the mockery of the priest to the detriment of women. It is precisely this that emphasizes the relationship of anecdote told by Panfilo (that points out to tell a little story, which against the priests) with the day belongs to.
With regard to the reference value system It must be remembered that the novella is set in a country village, then the reference values are related to the simplicity of the environment: love is not seen in polite but as carnal pleasure.
We conclude this analysis according to news of the eighth day of the Decameron by saying that feature more significant is the’linguistic aspect where is played comedy of the story. The register used is very low and comedian, because the author wants to mark the rustic novel representation.
In fact rustic environment references are several: popular dances and songs are mentioned (the water runs known as borrago and boast the sheer number and ballonchio), similarities with local animals (looking like a donkey who espied her) or common use objects created recovering allusions (to better know how to grind than any other). The Narrator often incorporates words ending in-azzo, -ozzo, -uzzo, reproducing the characteristics of reading old comic.




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