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Author and reader


Author and reader

Autore e lettoreAutore e lettore

Two distinct and fundamental figures in a text, the author and the reader are distinguished as follows.

The author of a text, of a work is the one who wrote the story. Your data are generally available through biographies or interviews, also his name ( and almost always last name present sula book cover). We see in detail the subcategories of author and reader.

In the literary context there are two types of authors: the actual author, that is, a person external to the text, It has a life of its own and the implicit author, that is the idea that we of the author reading his book, building then a personal thought about the author. The implied author is thus a text element, is on pages that we read and is very often different from actual author.

The reader is the individual who reads the book written by the author and interprets the content. Here too we can distinguish two types of readers: the actual author, one who reads the story and the author ideal, or rather the idea of reader that the author writing the work, had thought to ask.

The author will separate from the work that will be assigned to each type of reader, from the most critical to the more passionate, that will establish a specific dialogue with the history.

In the following text by Italo Calvino dedicated to the pleasure of reading we can identify ourselves when we look for a book (“If on a winter's night a traveller”)

Already in the window of the library you've located the cover with the title you were looking for. Following this visual cue you got off in the store through the dense barrage of books I haven't read that looked at you frowning from the benches and the shelves trying to intimidate you. But you know you shouldn't leave you put in awe, who among them is stretch for acres and acres of books you can do unless you read, books made for other uses that reading, read books without even need to open them because they belong to the category of already read before being written. And so exceed the first town of the bulwarks and swooping down on the infantry of the books if you had more lives to live, of course, these will you read them again but unfortunately the days you from dancing, shoppin & Cookin are those who are.(..)

(..)Deliver you with fast zig zag and penetrate d'un leap into the Citadel of the innovations whose author or topic attracts you(..)

(..)Deliver you with fast zig zag and seep of a bound in the citadel in the news whose author or topic attracts you, also within this fortress you can practice breaches between the ranks of defenders dividing them into new authors or topics not new (for you, or at all,) and new authors or topics completely unknown (at least you) and define the attractiveness that it carries about you based on your wants and needs new and not new (the new one for you in not new and not new for you in the new). All this to say that, paths quickly with our eyes the titles of the volumes displayed in the library, you direct your steps toward a pile of if on a winter's night a traveller hot off the press, you've grabbed a copy and you took her to the cashier to be established your ownership rights on it.

Get the most comfortable position: sitting, lying down, curled up, lying down. Lying on your back, on your side, on belly. In an armchair, on the couch, the rocking chair, on the lounge chair, on the Ottoman. The hammock, If you have a hammock. On the bed, Of course, or in the bed. You can even put upside down, in yoga position, with the book upside down, one understands. Certain, the ideal location to read you can't find her. Once you read standing, in front of a lectern. It used to stand still standing. We rested as well when you were tired of riding. A horse no one ever thought about reading; Yet now the idea of reading while standing in arcioni, the book resting on the wild horse's mane,(…)



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