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Biography of Ludovico Ariosto


Biography of Ludovico Ariosto

Biografia di Ludovico Ariosto

Ludovico Ariosto was born in Reggio Emilia the 8 September 1474.

His father, Nicholas was captain of the Citadel of Reggio Emilia on behalf of Ercole d'Este I, Duke of Ferrara.

In 1484 He moved with his family in Ferrara, where he made his first studies. Among the 1489 and the 1894 It followed the directives of father and enrolled in courses of law at the University of Ferrara, with the purpose to start Administrative and diplomatic career. In 1494 abandoned, with the consent of the father legal studies and began to work in Humanities and literature under the supervision of maestro Elladio Gregorio da Spoleto, a teacher of Greek and Latin. During these years, Ludovico Ariosto began composing poems in Latin and in the vernacular and became interested in theatre, joining the circle of artists around the Court of Duke Ercole I of Ferrara . In 1500 his father's death marked a very important social change since Ludovico was compelled to take over the role of head of household. From 1501 at 1503 He served as captain of the rocca of Canossa on behalf of the Este family, so that we can provide a more adequate to the many needs of his family.

In 1503 was commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, Bishop of Ferrara, of public and institutional matters (Ambassador,diplomat,whistleblower,..) but also private and occasional (Valet and companion).

Here are the main plays and written and composed:

1493 Tragedy of Thisbe (theatrical work)

1502 starts to dial the’ Orlando Furioso

1508 The cassaria (Comedy)

1509 The Madeleine Béjart died (Comedy)

1510 sketch comedy The necromancer

1516 He published the first edition of the’ Orlando Furioso

1517-1525 composes Satire

1520 concludes the comedy The necromancer

1521 Second Edition of the’ Orlando Furioso

1528 The Hyena (Comedy)

1529 is staging a new version of the Cassaria

1532 third and final edition of the’ Orlando Furioso

Among the 1509 and the 1510 He made a series of diplomatic missions in Rome on behalf of Cardinal Ippolito and in 1513 He went to Rome to pay homage to the new Pope, Giuliano de’ Doctors (Leo X Medici), being with him for some time on friendly terms, in hopes of getting a position of prestige at the curia. In the same year during a stay in Florence he met Alessandra Benucci, the woman of his life. In 1517 He refused to follow the cardinal in Hungary, was ousted from court and lost his employment.

In 1518 He entered the service of Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, and brother of Hippolytus, that, in 1522 appointed him Governor and Commissioner of Garfagnana, a region hard with a strong presence of banditry and clashes between inhabitants.

In 1526 He bought a house in contrada Mirasole in Ferrara and devoted himself entirely to playwriting.

In 1531 He undertook a diplomatic mission at Alfonso of Avalos, in Correggio. Alfonso of Avales was Marquis of Pescara and Vasto, Commander of the Imperial Army of Charles V and Viceroy in Milan, and honored Ariosto offering him an annual pension of one hundred gold Ducats. In 1532 together with the Duke Alfonso went to Mantua, at the Court of the Gonzaga, to pay homage to Emperor Charles V.

Ludovico Ariosto died, After long stays in bed ,because of enteritis, the 6 July 1533. Ariosto was buried in the monastery of San Benedetto rather than in the Church of San Francesco, at the family Chapel.



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