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What are the steps of State


What are the steps of State

In this article you will find an explanation of what are the steps of State (or changes of State).

As we could see in the previous article ’ each substance, under normal conditions occurs in a given standard State: solid, liquid or gaseous.

However the substance subjected to heating or cooling may switch from one all ’ more, can confront, steps of State, Let us see them in detail:

The transition from liquid to solid is called solidification.

The transition from a solid to a liquid is called merger.

The transition from solid state air is said sublimation.

While the transition from liquid to gaseous called vaporization.

The transition from gaseous to the liquid state is called condensation.

To summarize I reproduce below a summary:

Cosa sono i passaggi di stato

When the temperature changes substances can therefore switch from a standard State all ’ more. This is because the’the increase in temperature modify thermal agitation and the cohesive force of the molecules.

With multiple temperature molecules acquire greater ability to move because their cohesive force becomes weaker and weaker.

Here are the state changes in everyday life:

If you leave a pot d ’ water on the plate after a while’ time will be empty, This is because l ’ water from liquid has become gaseous, or vapor.

The vapour of your breath in contact with the cold glass of a window or a window in General, the clouds; You can then say that the gaseous state, water vapor is passed in a liquid state, visible thanks to droplets on the window.



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