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What are legality and justice in today's society


What are legality and justice in today's society

Cosa sono legalità e giustizia nella società odierna

In this short article I will try to clarify what are legality and justice in today's society.

Each company by the time he had to adopt a number of rules to ensure peaceful coexistence among members.

L ’ set of rules can be placed in a social context to ensure freedom and equality or to implement discriminatory models l ’. In the first case we are faced with the most current democratic Governments, While in the second case it is Governments with totalitarian regimes. The legality, contrary to popular belief is present in all legal systems, (moral or less) precisely because of the fact that c ’ is a ’ authority to enforce laws and regulating the citizens in their behaviors.

Legality can then be defined as the ’ citizens ' attitude towards the law and resulting behaviors.

The importance of the laws is evaluated according to the concept of Justice.

The concept has two main meanings:

1. Principle of being together, is the ultimate purpose which the person itself or in relation to others.

2. How you handle the legal system necessary to resolve disputes between citizens and verify who is wrong.

Justice is therefore necessary to justify the content of regulations.

At the dawn of civilization believed that he came from God and coincided with the principle of Justice. The rules were just right and perfect just because were from a higher ’. The monarchs (absolutes) were the representatives soils of the gods, then the subjects were obliged to respect their will. Only with the civilization of ancient Greece began to develop ’ l ’ idea of “naturalness” of the right. According to this idea, every man has already, since birth, some basics are the same as those of the other his fellows.



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