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What are substances and molecules


What are substances and molecules

This article explains in General cOSA are substances and molecules.

The diversity among the various substances present, as we have seen in the previous article ’ is due to the Constitution particle of matter

Cosa sono sostanze e molecole

Matter, and then each of the substances is composed of particles so small as to be invisible to the naked eye, the atoms.
If we consider a type of United atoms it is necessary to emphasize, for any substance to what kind of molecules it is.
In chemistry and physics, the molecule, that comes from the Latin molecule, ’ is a neutral entity composed of two or more atoms joined together by a chemical bond.
What you see in the picture, leaning over the hand is a model of a molecule that is a possible organizational structure of these corpuscles invisible.
Each molecule is in turn composed of smaller particles, the atoms, that characterize the various substances.
The atoms, combining among themselves give rise to various molecular structures that form the substances. Various naturally occurring substances have certain types of forms and on the basis of these and their ties are distinguished from other.

These particles are held together by a force called “cohesive forces”, they are also in constant motion (the move also called thermal agitation).




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