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COS ’ is the dolce Stil Novo


COS ’ is the dolce Stil Novo

Cos'è il dolce Stil Novo

COS ’ is the dolce Stil Novo?

The term sweet Stil Novo It indicates the poetic knowledge I gathered some authors, in particular in Florence in the second half of 1200.

Among them was the mints of this term, Dante Alighieri, that in one of his works emphasises the fundamental peculiarities of new poetry, with the absolute fidelity all ’ inspiration that comes from Love.

This type of poem you configure from the beginning as a genre exclusively amoroso, however Dante inner inclination of teaching emphasizes of Love, and the ’ linguistic content.

Many scholars place Guido Guinizzelli directly to ’ motion source, however it is best to treat it as a precursor, because it developed a poetic project innovative compared to previous practice, but merely to anticipate issues that belong to Stilnovo.

In addition to Dante and Guinizzelli other poets of Stilnovo were Guido Cavalcanti, Lapo Gianni, Gianni Alfani, Dino Frescobaldi and Guittoncino.

The poets of this movement had a common vision and even poetry, both ideological and formal way.

The theme absolute is l’love, moral redemption that must be investigated in a rational way.

A ’ another important feature of this type of poetry is the angelic figure of woman, that besides being beautiful and noble becomes the intermediary between God and man, and was sent by the Lord to save only men with the kind heart, that is, nobleman (pure) by love.

L’love stilnovistico It's not erotic, as sometimes happens to be in the troubadours but contemplative; the man reaches only bliss watching woman, source of eternal beauty. From here will come then the theme of praise to women, which brings a saving charge that emanates from the look and (the love goes through the eyes) and from the greeting that the woman gives pure lovers. The style is predominantly sweet, with great musicality and ’ use of a rather narrow vocabulary.

As regards the plan metric songs and sonnets returning to their traditional sizes and is ennobled, in particular by Guido Cavalcanti the ballad.

Linguistically it is worth mentioning the elimination of dialettismi and of municipalismi preferring instead the illustrious Florentine, with sporadic, but provenzalismi sicilianismi and a perfect amalgamation of traditional syntax and, vocabulary and musicality. The choice of words is calibrated in terms of content and in terms of music, with a clear and fluid syntax.

Here are some poems by authors of sweet Stil Novo:

Opera: Rhymes,4

Metro: Sonnet

Author: Guido Cavalcanti

Themes: Praise of women, love that passes through your eyes, mind as imagination and memory


1. Who is this that believed it?, that all om aim,

2. which makes him tremble of chiaritate the uve NERE (1953)
3. and mena Amor seco, Yes they talk
4. nothing omo pote, but each sighs?

5. Or Deo, It seems when his eyes turn,
6. dical ' Amor, i nol sabejon count:
7. such humility seems to me woman,
8. that each other towards her i ' the call ' wrath.

9. Poria piagenza is not his contar,
10. that the's ' inchin's every gentil virtue,
11. and so for her the goddess view.

12. Our mind was full Yes already
13. and do not pose ' n us good health,
14. that of n ' aviàn knowledge.

Opera: Rhymes,4


Author:Cino da pistoia

Themes: The gaze of the woman, the remoteness of the woman, love and death

La dolce vista e bel guardo soave
de’ most beautiful eyes that never lucesser,
c ’ I lost, makes me parer Yes serious
La vita mia, the’ Vo drawing trouble;
and ‘ instead of thoughts’ graceful and gai
you Love solea d,
Porto disir’ in the core
that were born of death
for departure, Yes I Dole be strong.
Ah me, Amor, because the first step
’ m not ’ I were you attacked Yes ch dead?
Why not dipartisti by me, Lasso,
anguished spirit ch ’ I bring?
Love, to my sorrow is not comfort;
Indeed, com ’ I more I look,
to sigh over m ’ ardo,
finding myself partuto
by que’ beautiful eyes I've seen ’ I ’ t ov.
I t ’ I saw in que’ beautiful eyes, Love,
so the remembrance me n kills ’,
and causes great host of pain
inside the mind, that the ’ soul stride,
Sol because my death don't divide
by me, How to split
has from the joyous laughter
and d ’ each cheery
the large reverse ch ’ 's White negro.
When the gracious Act of health
ver’ I raise mine eyes somewhat beautiful woman,
Yes all you goes astray my virtue,
You can't create crying inside,
in fond remembrance of my woman, that are so
far to see you:
sore eyes,
ye shall not die of grief?
"Yes, for our will-, While ch ’ Amor desire».
Amor, my fortune is too raw,
and thei ’ the eyes meet over m saddens ’;
though merzé, your man close them
then I lost l love views;
and, When life for death's buy,
joyful is die;
you sail’ where dé gire
my spirit then,
and do you know how many piatà of him.
Amor, to be micidial most pitiful
calls on my torment:
after I have talent,
give me death joy
that leave the spirit in Pistoia.



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