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What is the physics?


What is the physics?

Cos'è la fisica?

Respond accurately and comprehensive it is practically impossible to, However you can deduce some key features of this science.

The word comes from the Latin physics fùsis, or nature. Physics deals with the nature, Although it is not the only science to do so… Biology concentrating his studies on living organisms as chemistry deals with the composition of substances and their transformation. But physics underlies both because it aims to determine the laws governing nature.
Physics is an experimental science, that is a science based on what is commonly referred to as the experimental method.

Physics can be divided into categories according to themes and phenomena observed:
– mechanics is the study of the motion of bodies

– thermodynamics is the study of phenomena related to heat

– optical and acoustic sound and light phenomena dealing respectively
– the electromagnetism takes care of electric and magnetic phenomena
and finally we find modern physics (quantum physics).
Studying physics is therefore important to understand the reality in which we live and begin to move in the society in which we live with a different view. We must therefore possess the instruments necessary for ’ interpretation of the phenomena that surround us, What dangers must be avoided or what resources we can use.
What distinguishes the physics and scientific research in General from any other ideological activity where you can find a criterion hypothetical and deductive method is commonly referred to as scientific method, or experimental method.

Physics is particularly expanded in the early 20th century; previously who were limited to those strictly essential to life and to survival of human , and they were not far from who had the ancient Romans. During the 20th century has progressed much thanks to two fundamental principles:

1) the findings of science
2) inventions that these discoveries have made concrete



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