Definition and description of space in the literature


Definition and description of space in the literature

Definizione e descrizione degli spazi nella letteratura

Throughout the narrative we find different types of spaces that frame certain facts or characters with the corresponding actions.

The first space is to real: This is a geographical space (This means that the reader can recognize topographical level) declared as such by the Narrator.

Afterwards we find the imaginary space. This type of space is clearly a figment of imagination of the writer and its characteristics are not identifiable in a real place.

Finally we find the warped space. It is altered by the observer: his imagination can lead them to define a non-existent or to alter the known space, familiar, that suddenly looks different.

The description of space can be objective, If the Narrator provides precise and useful elements in a detailed reconstruction of the environment, as in a record or subjective, where the Narrator processes the information it provides through its moods, the memories or other emotions. The big picture then becomes a representation of the character's psychological situation.






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