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Public law and private law


Public law and private law

Diritto pubblico e diritto privato The distinction between the two types of law was established in 1800, however, today, We tend to confuse them because of the complexities that have come to create in society in legal terms.

When the State intervened, rather rarely, It wasn't the protagonist but had homework to Defender, the individual was instead the key part of the company.

Private law can be defined as the set of rules governing the relations, relations between individuals and between individuals and organizations, State also (Furthermore the parties on an equal footing).

Public law is the set of basic rules that dictate the organization between the status and function of legal system, or rather the rules governing relations between private and State, relations between States and public bodies.

Private law therefore includes such areas as inheritance law, family law, rights in rem of things (property,pawns,..)..

Public law includes international law, administrative, penalty,…

The basic principles of private law are contractual freedom and equality before the law.




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