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Fabula and weave


Fabula and weave

Fabula e intreccioWhen we tell, or there is told a story we can see that the events are not always arranged in chronological order (There may be flashbacks, sneak peeks,…).

This means that one can be divided into multiple interweaving fabula.

But we see better definitions of the two terms…

The fabula is the set of events arranged chronologically and causally; It includes only the main actions and fundamentals, connected to each other by the relationship of cause and effect. Is the set of steps in a short story in the order of execution.
A clear example would be performing a story based on historical facts, where the events follow each other chronologically telling certain facts and actions that occurred in that year ’, month or day.
The plot is the free montage of events of the fabula, According to the order and hierarchy ordered by author, the plot includes the dynamic parts, static, digressions and descriptions.
L ’ plot has therefore a direct function of the reader as the writer tries to prove certain emotions or particular situations by putting events in a particular order functional to the purpose the writer's artistic or that produced l ’ opera.

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