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Greek architectural orders


Greek architectural orders

Gli ordini architettonici greci
Ionic column

L ’ of architecture Greek temples was based on the structural system of’ architrave. Vertical carriers are the columns, While the ’ horizontal element consists of the entablature. The basic rules of the buildings have changed over time and have gone to constitute the architectural orders.
Greek architectural orders are three: Dorian mode, Ionic and Corinthian. These three architectural orders were drawn up between the seventh and fifth centuries b.c. and differ one from another ’ ’ l column proportions and the sculptural decorations type.
The capital is the part that connects ’ lintel to the column, essentially has a structural function and aesthetics. The capital is divided into two parts: l ’ abacus, a plate with a square base and l ’ echino, an inverted cone shaped stone that rests directly on the column.

Doric order: This style is the oldest and simplest. Its proportions are massive and the overall effect is ’ of rigour and order. This order is distinguished by the capital with geometric shapes and for the frieze, composed mètope and triglyphs alternated.

Gli ordini architettonici greci

Ionic order: This order developed in the 6th century BC from the Greek colonies of ’ Asia minor and the Aegean Islands. It has characters slimmer and refined than the Doric ’. The capital of Doric columns are characterized by a thin abacus and volutes while the frieze is continuous.

Gli ordini architettonici greci

Corinthian order: the order defined in the 5th century BC with a considerable spread in the Hellenistic period and later in the Roman world.
The frieze is continuous and thin and slender columns. The capital has a thin concave sides and richly carved with abacus, taking the form of a basket with acanthus leaves. As in ’ Ionic channels of the stem are beveled edge.

Gli ordini architettonici greci





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