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The six kingdoms


The six kingdoms

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Science with the different types of animals could categorize time, several types of bacteria or fungi not to mention plants and other organisms. To make clearer their distinction were divided into six “kingdoms” of classification can be found here:

1. Archebatteri: are single-cell organisms, the members of this Kingdom generally live in places on the planet with extreme physical and chemical characteristics, such as salt lakes, the volcanic springs or wetlands without oxygen.
2. Mushrooms: These organisms are heterotrophic. Most feeds on dead organic matter or in the process of decomposition. Most members of this group are multicellular.
3. Plants: These organisms are autotrophs and perform photosynthesis. Their cells are composed of cellulose walls; These organisms have no mobility.
4. Protists: This realm includes a variety of bodies difficult to classify. Many of them are single cells, While other multicellular organisms (seaweed). Some may be photosynthetic, While other heterotrophs.
5. Animals: This realm includes multicellular organisms and heterotrophic. The cells of these organisms do not have cell walls and most of them and with mobility.
6. Bacteria: Kingdom consisting of single-celled organisms that have a significant ecological diversity, ranging from organisms that live freely in the soil up to the deadly parasites. The dimensions are usually a few micrometers.



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