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Communism in the West after the 1945


Communism in the West after the 1945

Il comunismo in occidente dopo il 1945

After eliminating the threat nazifascita the two great powers, United States and the Soviet Union, found themselves at odds. According to the American communism was a totalitarian ideology ’, While the eyes of the Soviets Americans appeared as imperialists who want to rule the world.

Until it arrived at what is called cold war , the sharp contrast between the two political systems and the situation of war is not fought that divided them.

Among the 1945 and the 1975 Communism had a remarkable worldwide expansion since the Soviet Union imposed its control over Eastern Europe (also was favored by the process of decolonization developed starting from 1950, that left many nations without a precise political system). Largest state that became a Communist policy was China. However it should not be forgotten that many third world countries like Egypt , the all India Syria or tied the Soviet Union with treaties of Alliance.

Other countries like Yugoslavia,Albania, Cambodia,… over time they detached themselves from URSS. In 1949 the Soviets did set off the first bomb and in April was established Nato. In October the Communists of Mao saw the first win in China, also there was the proclamation of the Republic.

Following are key dates for the period in question:

  • February 1945: meeting of Yalta: Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meet to define l ’ postwar political order

  • November 1945: the Nuremberg trials against top Nazi officials for crimes against humanity ’

  • 1946 in London the first General Assembly of the United Nations (UN)

  • 1947: Independence of pakistan and india ’

  • may 1948: Proclamation of the State of Israel and Arab-Christian war

  • 1950: war North Korea-South Korea

  • March 1953: stalin dies

  • 1955: Warsaw Pact

  • 1957: the Treaty of Rome creates the European Economic Community

  • 13 August 1961: the Berlin wall is erected



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