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The labour movement


The labour movement

Il movimento operaio

In 1850 There was a strong European expansion of the industrial revolution, to which came the birth of a social class linked to factories and the explosion of a new phase of social conflict.

Traditional historical movements,democrats and revolutionists,with roots in the French Revolution were joined and partly replaced new movements and new parties that had as its basis the working class (the labour movement). Between the parties intended to assume greater political importance of Socialist parties were, It is therefore no coincidence that the areas with more episodes insurgency were precisely those where there was a rapid expansion of ’ industry. There is no lack, however, popular uprisings and indignation in areas of underdevelopment and economic crisis.

The moment, although bankruptcy law that represented the turning point was the rebellion of Paris, when the population rebelled against a moderate Government and royalist.

Since that time the revolution became a Communist and Socialist project and soon no longer in a liberal-democratic character planning.Il movimento operaio

The revolutionary way It appeared to many l ’ only way to put an end to the exploitation of individuals from other individuals, democracy was then outclassed and instead established socialism.

Next to this movement were formed as well as other ideological groups such as ’ anarchism (opposed to any form of State authority, co, consider that any form of control of individuals is a denial of freedom, the greatest exponent of anarchist thought was Mikhail Bakunin, Russian writer and politician who produced l ’ opera “State and anarchy” where he presented the main principles of his thought), trade unionists and the British Labour Party, (convinced that the ’ social order can be obtained through a gradual improvement of the living conditions of workers and their families).

A part of the anarchist movement undertaken the path of individual violence and terrorism, to show that he was in fact can get rid of tyrants and oppressors of freedom.




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