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The point in Visual language


The point in Visual language

Il punto nel linguaggio visivo

The point in Visual language is one of the simplest and most synthetic graphics, If we can call it l ’ minimum unit of Visual grammar.

The general point that can take a variety of small, rounded, imagine instead custom shapes and sizes, It can also be characterized by sharp or not.

The construction of point clearly varies depending on the object, the tool used to track, of the surface and the ’ ability (speed,accuracy,…) of those who


Il punto nel linguaggio visivo

The point whether very synthetic and severed a suggests her expressiveness.

An aggregate of points ’ allows us to see plane figures, like the one in Figure, or of different sizes can suggest a ’ idea of depth.

It is rarely used alone because too terse, for this reason it is interesting to observe it as a basic element for the construction of larger images and complex.

L ’ collection of small dots allows then to our visual system to rebuild a ’ sharp image of what we face.

The point has also been ’ source for inspiration for creating artistic movements, like pointillism, in the end of the 19th century and ’ has shaped great works by the likes of Paul Signac.

Color touches were used in pointillism to compose images, playing with them the forms, the volumes and colours of reality.
Evidently our eye blends the various points, much that we struggle to distinguish them.

Thanks to clumps more focused in certain areas of ’ opera points determine the dark areas, While their scarcity determines the resulting lighter areas with a three-dimensional effect.



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