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Number symbolism in art ’


Number symbolism in art ’

Il simbolismo dei numeri nell'arte

In ’ we find art, especially for numbers, a symbolism something very specific.

Let the numbers in detail:

One: This number is a symbol of unity and of ’ divine essence. It also indicates the end and l ’ the beginning of the world.

Two: highlights the dual nature of Christ, human and divine. According to a Chinese philosophical thought (Taoist) indicates the principle of yin and yang, based on the ’ harmony of opposites.

Three: designates the Trinity, so it is symbol of perfection. Also remember, in Christian symbolism the three sons of Noah, from which originated the peoples. Alluding to three powers of ’ human soul (memory,intelligence and will) and at three ages of man ’.

Four: symbolizes what is soil, According to the Christian holy text there are four regions of the world,the winds and rivers. Four are also natural elements (Earth,fire,air,water),the seasons,the major prophets, the evangelists and the cardinal virtues.

Seven: indicates ’ Union of spiritual part (number three) with that on Earth (number four). In connection with this issue is ’ opposition between the virtues and the seven deadly sins.

Eight: symbolizes resurrection and baptism, eight are the Beatitudes and sides of Baptisteries.

Ten: symbolizes a certain degree of perfection and completeness as well as the ten commandments of God's law.

Eleven: in Christian symbolism the Apostles around Jesus after ’ infidelity of Judah are only eleven, This indicates therefore sin and betrayal.

Twelve: indicates the synthesis between land and spiritual, multiple of three and four. Twelve Apostles, zodiac signs and the months of the year ’.




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