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The food chain


The food chain

La catena alimentare
The Groundhog is a clear example of consumer C1







The food chain is the ’ collection of the organisms that feed on organisms with other trophic levels.

The food chain is formed by different trophic levels:
– manufacturer (A, organisms autotrophic)
– primary consumers (C1, they feed on autotrophs)
– secondary consumers (C2, they feed on primary consumers)
– tertiary consumers (C3, they eat secondary consumers)
– Quaternary consumers (C4, they eat tertiary consumers, but in terrestrial ecosystems is almost impossible to find).

Here is an example for images of food chain:

La catena alimentare

The inverts are organisms that live thanks to a community's waste products, meaning of organic matter of individuals a lot of dying. Among the inverts you can also distinguish the scavengers and decomposers.

Scavengers are animals that feed on detritus in a State of decomposition (Ex. earthworms, vultures, crabs,..)

La catena alimentare

Attention but don't confuse scavengers with Saprophytes. Saprophytes are vegetable organisms thrive on decaying material.

The decomposers are generally smaller than the scavengers and dealing with decomposing matter, transforming it from organic to inorganic chemistry.

Are decomposers many fungi or bacteria.
The inverts generally belong, Depending on the substances that degrade, the first or the second trophic level or higher trophic levels.




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