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The Berlin crisis and the formation of the two Germanies


The Berlin crisis and the formation of the two Germanies

La crisi di Berlino e la formazione delle due Germanie

In response to the new type of American policy adopted in respect of ’ Western Europe and Germany in particular, USSR attempted to drive out the allies from Berlin. In June 1948 the Red Army closed the streets of terrestrial communications linking Berlin to West Germany.

For over a year the Americans supplied the men present in cities with planes that threw supplies from the sky.

L attutato ’ immense organizational effort by the Americans to support the western part of Berlin was able to ensure essential supplies. In May the Soviets relented and gave the use of three railroads, roads and Airways to connect East Berlin to West Berlin. Each of the two powers knew that war was inaccessible, However they used the threat from opponent to strengthen its dominance and its supremacy over the allied countries.

The Berlin crisis allowed the rapid establishment of two different State entities and well defined in Germany or the German Democratic Republic (Communist, capital: East Berlin) and the Federal Republic of Germany (capitalist, capital: Bonn).

In 1949 the elections in the Federal Republic of Germany led him to head of the Chancery Konrad Adenauser (1876-1967), a Catholic politician. German Democratic Republic went instead to form l ’ eighth Communist State ally of ’ USSR.

In 1949 (April) Western countries made a Soviet military alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Born) he resumed the principles of the Atlantic Charter by virtue. In addition to Western countries also joined the Nato ’ winners Italy, the Portugal, the Federal Germany, the Greece and Turkey.




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