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The cold war in Asia


The cold war in Asia

La guerra fredda in Asia

During World War II in China Alliance between Communists, nationalists and Japanese was followed by minor characters while the Japanese were trying to cope with the Americans in the Pacific.

Communist China proved with time, increasingly autonomous from Moscow influence ’ and rooted in their nationalism.

After pounding the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the subsequent political and economic collapse of Japan the Chinese revolution, led by Mao shooting force. In 1949 the Communists had taken assault of most of China, consolidated the victory coming to Shanghai. The nationalist government fled to Taiwan island in , under American protection and People's Republic of China was proclaimed in October in Beijing. Following the taking of political power in China, the Chinese Communist Party motioned her back all ’ the Soviet Union, Mao Zedong needed indeed political support and technical assistance of Moscow . The Communist revolution in China was a powerful factor of accumulation of productive resources and political power in the hands of Regency power group. At first he devoted himself to the development of the bases for industrial development, with an introduction of the new economic policy and gradual collectivization.

The iron curtain and European and Asian proved more fragile than it gave place to a very violent and bloody conflict in Korea, a territory between Communist China and Japan occupied by Americans.



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