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The Maslow's pyramid of needs


The Maslow's pyramid of needs
La piramide dei bisogni di Maslow

The Maslow's pyramid of needs is used to interpret the need for satisfaction of individuals.

Maslow not limited however to a ranking but builds a hierarchy of needs according to the development of man. The needs that are lower when you are satisfied give way to higher needs that begin to create certain behaviors are functional to the pursuit of that need.

The first three parts of the pyramid from the top within the secondary needs of the individual. The self-realization can be viewed as a form of personal success, while the estimate is that they feel appreciated by others.

I social needs are related to the size of membership (to a group, a family, a society,…) so the fact that interact with other individuals.

The other two parts of the pyramid are part of basic needs, the safety (protection, Bless you,..) and the physiological needs (foods, Home, bed, …) are part of the needs that individuals have for their survival or their integrity within the company.

For example a physiological need of any person would be to have a home where to stay, away from the dangers,where can have protection (safety). This individual then has the social need to interact with others or for example to have a family. All these factors allow some level of esteem in society and if the individual feels satisfied is autorealizzato.



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