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The food Web and energy flow


The food Web

The food chains are not separated as an organism can participate in more different food chains.

Combining several food chains are therefore a food Web, that is a more complex system.
La rete alimentare e il flusso energetico

Trophic links are related to nutrition and are generally erbivoria and predation.

When it comes to food web the symbiosis (The parasitism, commensalism and mutualism) is not included.
Energy flow
L ’ solar energy is virtually inexhaustible, but, Once aired in a food chain l ’ energy of living beings decreases at each trophic level. With the transfer from one trophic level to the upper only part of ’ energy is stored in biomass (the amount of organic matter), While much of it is lost or used for metabolism of ’ individual.
Throughout the ’ solar energy receiving manufacturers use only’ 1%, While the remaining percentage is dispersed in heat, reflected or used in another way.
Of this 1% only the 10% primary consumers will come, by this the 10% only the 10% secondary consumers, and so on.
Energy is lost at each step so that limits the length of food chains themselves. This data can be easily identified in the pyramid of biomass.

La rete alimentare

The pyramid of biomass in some cases can even be reversed if producers have very high reproductive rates.



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