The narrative sequence


The narrative sequence

La sequenza narrativaThe sequence is a segment of text more or less along that contains certain facts or info about a single topic.

The sequence is then a portion of story logic and autonomous with respect to other sequences, Although together form the story.

The various sequences stand out thanks to the elements that determine the boundaries:

  • A change of time or place

  • The change of narrative technique

  • The entry or exit of the characters

  • The theme change

The sequence has several main types:

– Narrative sequences: report actions and events , They also have a dynamic character, they continue the narrative device in time

– Descriptive sequences: are directed to the description of places, of the characters, in environment and objects. Have a static character because they report the facts in an unbiased manner by suspending the unfolding of history.

– Reflexive sequences: communicate the reflections, opinions and judgments about the characters or the unfolding of history.

– Dialogue sequences: are dedicated to the dialogues or monologues between characters.

The sequences occur in most cases with various nuances and complexity, It is therefore difficult to assign them to a specific category.



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