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Innovations and the turning of a thousand


Innovations and the turning of a thousand

Le innovazioni e la svolta del Mille

L ’ year 1000 is regarded as the boundary between a long period of economic crisis with reduced population growth and a dramatic increase in population affecting much of Europe ’.
To explain the dramatic increase were taken into account many factors such as climatic conditions change, generally more favorable, the cessation of external attacks and developing new agricultural techniques that allowed him to produce a greater quantity of food goods.
In the early Middle Ages ’ forests were used to hunt but they were totally uneducated as well as stagnant swamps or other areas.
Just before the 1000 and so it went throughout the century to extend arable swamplands or cutting down forests to make way for fields. Among the most important agricultural innovations of ’ era are replacing old wooden plows with iron, much more resistant, l ’ introduction of tools such as the forks, the Spades and harrows.
The ox, tireless animal, but extremely slow was replaced by horses, robust and fastest animals, also hard collar was introduced, which allowed a greater distribution of the load on the shoulders of ’ animal.
At the organizational level of crops was adopted a system already known before the year 1000, the three-year rotation: the lands were divided into three specific areas, a destined to rest, l ’ other intended for the cultivation of cereals and finally l ’ last destined for growing grains such as barley and oats to use forage for animals.
Starting from Mille began to spread even new forms of energy. A clear example is the mill, whose driving force, enabled by the ’ water was already known to the Romans, but it found its maximum use only at this time.
The technical progress of 1100 and of the 1200 they wouldn't have been if there had not been the progressive replacement of a material with low as wood with iron. In 1000 There was indeed a significant increase of ’ mining and iron working thanks to improvements adopted to furnaces (providing a greater amount of heat and a higher quality iron).




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