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The new political conceptions of 1600


The new political conceptions

Le nuove concezioni politiche del 1600

Political news 1600 They concerned in particular the conception of law and State.

L ’ modern age is characterized by the consolidation and the emergence of the State as an institution of a ’ Supreme form of social life, where is recognized only as a legal system that State and as proper shape of ’ law legal system.

The new political designs were then related to the role of the State and social organization ’.

Originally the State authority had imposed as absolute power, that is how absolute sovereignty that controls and administers all of society, without admitting other supremacy. In ' 600 was also attempting to brake and place limits on monarchical absolutism to encourage the right of nature, an inalienable feature.

Traditional theories related to detention of power by divine right were outdated thanks to natural law, they traced the creation of civil society to a Covenant between free men according to natural law. This social contract marked the passage from the State of socio-political nature, where conflicts are practically nil (or so it should be) to maintain social order ’.

Definitive separation from the State of nature justified by the fundamental right to survival of individuals includes l ’ establishment of a regulatory body and punishments for violators. The natural law examines the principle of civil society in what is natural all ’ man (law of nature) and which is identified with the reason, predisposing universally valid norms and superior to any legislative power.



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