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The plays of Ludovico Ariosto


The plays of Ludovico Ariosto

Le opere teatrali di Ludovico Ariosto

As we have seen in’Article on the biography of Ludovico Ariosto He established himself at the Court of Ercole I d'Este as man of the theatre (author, actor and Director).

Among the 1493 and the 1508, Thanks to the success of Ludovico Ariosto emerged as the tutor of the new Renaissance drama.

In 1493 with the representation of Tragedy of Thisbe , (inspired by the work of Ovid) took place on his debut in theatre.

In 1508 He decided to bring out a new innovative work, they departed totally from the popularization of classical texts but was inspired by the Latin models, The cassaria.

This work had a regular structure of text divided into five acts.

In 1509 He composed the second comedy, The Madeleine Béjart died.

The plays of Ariosto were focused on representation of the world subordinate dei servi, villains and young people surrounding the Court. It also sought, Although implicitly to the celebration of the magnificence of the Este family.



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