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L ’ ecology


L ’ ecology


L ’ ecology is the science that studies the various interactions that are established between human beings and other living things, and between organisms and the environment they live in ’.

The interactions between living organisms and their natural environment are bidirectional, meaning both organisms are involved and receive certain advantages (a clear example is the ’ interaction bee-blossom: l ’ bee pollinating the flower favors its reproduction , While the flower yields all ’ ’ bee bee pollen from which will draw the nectar).
Organisms may however interact at different levels:

– at the level of organisms
– at the population level
– ecosystem
– biome-level
– at the level of the biosphere

Interactions can occur between species (Interspecific interactions) or between organisms of the same species (interactions interspecific varieties).
Organisms of the same species are such similarity and the ability to produce fertile offspring, While a population is a group of organisms of the same species living in a particular geographical area and that they breed successfully between them.
The biocenosis is the ’ of people living together in a particular place or region.

The biotope is l ’ physical and chemical environment that surrounds a community, the ’ physical and chemical environment in which living organisms (Ex. Sassi, water,…).


L ’ l ’ ecosystem is a collection of all living organisms and non-living components present in a given geographical area bounded naturally.

The biome is the ’ collection of ecosystems that have in common the same microclimate.




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