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Space and reference systems


Space and reference systems

Lo spazio e i sistemi di riferimento

The space, as the time It is somewhat difficult to define..

The space considered in mechanics as a “place” where the physical phenomena and is therefore perceived daily through l ’ experience.
It owns the properties:
Homogeneity: It says there are no privileged space homogeneous compared to other.
Isotropy: they say isotropic space where there are no directions preferred to others.
Mechanical space is homogeneous and isotropic then and is describable through Euclidean geometry.
Reference system
Lo spazio e i sistemi di riferimento

Lo spazio e i sistemi di riferimento


Observing the two images we can't say so sure if the tractor to have moved, If it is the motor vehicle ’ to have moved or if you have moved both.
This doubt is due to the lack of a visual reference. The same object can be still and at rest with respect to certain topics. If we take for example an individual on a bus, He is still on the bus, but the bus will be perceived in motion by another individual who wait at the bus stop.
We are therefore able to distinguish the motion of a body only if we observe changes of position compared to other bodies, that act as reference elements. The motion then has to be considered something of its.
L ’ set of bodies or objects in respect of which we describe motion is called reference system. It is therefore useful to identify ’ collection of references the location of a body in space considered.
In physics the classical system is made up of three lines (or ACEs) mutually perpendicular to each of them.

Lo spazio e i sistemi di riferimento

The position (all ’ time t) a point particle is the real number that defines the distance to the source of this ’ ’ last ’ Cartesian axis along which is taken into account in that situation. This value is also called Cartesian coordinate.

The trajectory of a body is the ’ cloud of points occupied position then. From here it is worth introducing the concept of rectilinear motion.
The rectilinear motion is defined based on its trajectory, that is a straight line.
While describing the movement of the body to be an instant x(TI) in another instant x(TF) you will use the size shift , also called variation of path and described by the following mathematical relationship:
Δx (TI,TF)= x(TF) – x(TI) or rather Δx = xf – XI





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  1. In a warped spacetime, an inertial reference frame and definable only locally, due to the deformation of spacetime caused by matter.

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