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Birth of the Kingdom of Italy ’


Birth of the Kingdom of Italy ’

Short article on the emergence and development of the Kingdom of Italy ’

Nascita del regno d'Italia

LItaly ‘ color , historical right driven, after the Risorgimento (He had brought a national and democratic ransom) was forced to face some serious problems that would be exacerbated in the next decades.

The Kingdom of ’ Italy was oppressed by a general backwardness, aggravated by the dualism between North (where was the development) and South (increasingly distanced). Also had to cope with all the Church's hostility against the State liberal ’, particularly after the capture of Rome in 1870 and the tough stance of the Pope against the ’ accession of Catholics in political life of the new Kingdom.

In 1876 with ’ coming to power of the left of Depretis was the political role of the industrial bourgeoisie and the southern ruling class, that however exacerbated recourse unprejudiced against corruption and patronage practices.

Despite the imbalances and tensions ’ Italy is placed between the General l medium power dell ’ industrial era, he aspired to compete with the major powers on the international framework.

Here are the most important dates for the birth of the Kingdom of Italy

  • 1868 unrest across the country due to the introduction of ground tax
  • 1870 Italian troops on 20 September enter Rome through the Porta Pia breach
  • 1871 Rome becomes the capital of Italy, the State recognizes the sovereignty of the Church on the Vatican (“law of guarantees”)
  • 1874 Pius IX forbids Catholics to participate in the political life of the country
  • 1876 Sale to the Government with the left-wing party Agostino Depretis, It also starts the period of “transformation” Parley
  • 1882 The triple alliance with Germany and Austria
  • 1887-1896 Francesco Crispi, successor of Depretis infuses a authoritarian internal policy and imperialist foreign policy.
  • 1900 Umberto I was assassinated by the anarchist Bresci, takes the throne Emmanuel III
  • 1903 Giolitti became Prime Minister and adopts a policy of openness towards the Socialists and Catholics
  • 1911-1912 The Libyan-Turkish war Italy occupies Libya
  • 1912 Universal male suffrage






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