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Complete paraphrase canto XIX of Gerusalemme Liberata


Complete paraphrase canto XIX of Gerusalemme Liberata


Parafrasi completa canto XIX della Gerusalemme Liberata

Here's the paraphrase of octaves 11-28 del canto XIX of Gerusalemme Liberata by Torquato Tasso.
Testo originale e parafrasi complete canto XIX della Gerusalemme Liberata



Is loose and agile body Tancredi,
and man a breeze and by foot;
above him with ’ high Chief, and very
of thickness of limbs Argante exceeds.
Girar Tancredi bow itself collected
for aventarsi and so you see;
and with his sword the sword is
enemy, and in disviarla use each test.

Tancredi is very agile and fast,
fast hand and foot,
above it instead for height and
thickness Argante.
Tancredi turns bowing
to get under the enemy's sword
and force the guard and pounce at bottom.


But stretched out and erect the fero Argante
similar art shows, Act other than.
As much as he can, VA co ‘ l gran arm inante
and no iron, but body averso.
That try to aditi novi in every moment,
He has the face always converged iron:
threat, and intent to stop him Sally
furtive entrances and súbiti Tandon.

But stretched out and erect the proud Argante
view equal dexterity,but different technique
When can go forward with arm:
It does not seek the enemy sword but the body of ’ opponent,
Tancredi tries new glimmers to reach the body of ’ opponent in every moment:
Shelton has the sword turned to face
threat and is prepared to stop him
furtive entrances and dodges lightning.


So pugna naval, When spira
for the sea floor Africo or Known,
between two unequal Woods equal aims,
ch ’ a d ’ height preval, l ’ other than motorcycles:
l ’ a with times and bent axle and rotate
from bow to stern, and you are l ’ other motionless;
and when the more light if he brings,
d ’ high threat high ruina.

So further ships, When not blowing
on the sea surface winds of the South
between two unequal boats balanced they look
a prevails in height, While l ’ other in speed.
A with times and revolts and goes from stem to stern: It is l ’ other firm
and when the fastest approaches him from his greater height high threat ruin.


While the latin of so retries
diverting the iron you see opposing,
vibrates Argante his sword, and is
the tip in your eyes; He sheltered rushes,
but she Yes lends allor, so violent
the pagan ‘ l protector anticipates
and ‘ l fère alongside; and saw beside sick,
cries: “The screen is schermitor won.”


While Tancredi tries you scratch Argante,
dodging the sword of Argante,
Argante spins the sword, and brings him the tip in the eyes: He repairs;
but the sword lends itself so, so violent on pay
that strikes at the side; and saw the next hit
cries: l ’ skilled fencer has won in ’ art of shy away.


Between Tancredi outrage and shame
You rode, and it leaves the usual concerns,
and in this guise he craves revenge
that its loss estimates the win late.
Sol ‘ l row from the co responds reproach
and ‘ l l ’ halyard elmo. Where open way to the watch.
Retorts Argante stroke, and resolute
Tancredi half sword has already come.


T. He rode so between anger and shame
and it leaves the usual cautions:
and in this case prepares revenge
that estimate almost his defeat in delay to win.
Responds with a stroke of his sword to scherna
and directs it all ’ elmo, where is the visor.
Argante retorts stroke, and quick Tancredi has already arrived near enough to fight at close range


Goes fast then co ‘ l foot sinestro
and with the straight arm lacks the takes,
and with the right and the right side
mortalissime offends him tips.
“This” said “Victor teacher
the win makes response schermidor.”
Frem the Circassian and writhing and Saghir,
but the arm I'm painting the prisoners couldn't.


Passes then fast with your left foot,
and with the missing takes you to arm;
and with the right Meanwhile the right flank
is wounded by shots of deadly tip.
The win gave an answer in terms
revenge to the Conqueror.
Tancredi Quiverin', and writhing, and it shakes,
but the arm's weight of Argante and prisoner cannot free him.


At last left the sword to the chain
Pendant, and under the proper latin went so.
Fe’ l ’ same Tancredi, and lena
l ’ a ’ a l l l ’ other and trodden ’ other fenced;
nor with more strength by l ’ adusta arena
suspended Alcide the great giant and clasped,
of the waves made tough knots
the sinewy arms in various ways.


He would eventually leave the sword he held the chain
Pendant, and went below to the Christian.
Did the same T., and with great force
l ’ a ’ a l l ’ other and pressed on ’ more embraced.
Not with more strength in the Fiery Libyan desert ’
rose Alcide the great giant, and clasped him,
with the strength with which tough knots
the mighty arms in various ways.


Tai fur the avolgimenti and tai shocks
ch ’ ambi in the presser ‘ co l side wont.
Argante's, or art or its ventura was,
supra has the better arm and under the manco.
But the man is more capable of beating ’ ch
sottogiace prevented the guerrier franco;
ond ’ ei, that ‘ l ‘ l sees his disadvantage and risk,
It is spread by l ’ else and jumps in foot.


Such were the narrow arms and beatings,
They both fell to the ground.
Argante's, for skill or luck,
had over the right arm and under the left corner.
But the most capable hand at battering (right),
remained under the body of Argante,
where the disadvantage and risk see,
frees itself from the socket (by Argantes) and I miss standing.


It rises later and a great blow, in first
that arose and both, come over to Saab.
But as a l ’ Euro the leafy top
fold and in a time raises the pine,
so he gets up and sublimates his virtue
When ei n ’ is already to bring more chino.
Or starting here blows at each other:
the fight has crappy art and is more ’ d m p.


Argante late risers, and before
that woke up the goes over the Saab.
But as the stormy wind the frandosa top
breaks, and before long the lifts,
so his virtues raises and enhances,
When is closer to fall back.
Restart then blows at each other
L ’ trim became violent and ugly.


More ’ a site exited tancred d blood,
but it pours the pagan almost torrents.
Already the sceme forces the furor langue,
as weak flame foods.
Tancredi essangue ‘ l ‘ l arm which she co
turn the shots to or to or more lenses,
by magnanimous cor deposed l ’ ira,
Placido's reasons and ‘ l foot retreats:


Tancred bleeding from many wounds;
but it pours Argante almost torrents.
With the fury weakened forces decreases,
as the flame is fed less and less.
T. He saw him with his arm bleeding to death
pull the shots always slower,
Kind-hearted deposed l ’ ira,
Placido reasons and the foot retreats.


“Sign, strong man, or will probe for desire
me for your winner or fortune;
nor do I seek from you triumph or strips,
nor do I reserve in you any reason.”
Terrible the pagan more than ever threshold,
his rampage desta and raguna;
responds: “Now therefore the better you'll vante
you dare to vileness attempt Argante?


“Sign, strong man, whether you want to
Recognizing me as a winner or fortune;
don't sell yourself triumph or disgrace:
I reserve in you no power.
The Pay terrible angry more than ever,
the awaken rampage.
Responds: or then you boast of having the best,
and you dare lead to acts of cowardice?


Use your fate, because nothing I fear
Nor let your insanity goes unpunished.”
How to face extreme ’ the contrary strengthens l
the flames, and bright leaves of life,
This filling and d ’ ira blood fool
rinvigorí the lost prowess,
and l ’ hours de la morte omai places
he describe with generous end.


Use your strength; because I don't fear nothing:
Nor let your presumption unpunished.
As the flame is strengthened before becoming extinct
the flame goes out with the ’ afterglow;
Filling so d ’ ira veins bled and replacing blood lost energy ’,
the revived itself lost prowess:
and the last moments of life
He wanted to make them distinguished with a heroic death.


The man left to his partner pull over,
and with both the iron joint lowers;
Cala a blow, and although are opposed
hostile sword, the sforza and beyond passes,
down to the shoulder, and down to the coast to coast
many wounds in one point lassa.
If not afraid T., bold chest
don't fe’ nature of timor capable.


The left hand on the right hand pull over,
and with both hands the sword lowers:
Cala a blow: and though you find to oppose
the sword attacking, wins the resistance:
off at the shoulder, and down to the rib on the spine
many injuries at one point leaves.
If this situation Tancredi is not afraid
It is because nature never gave it the fear.


That horrible double stroke, and wind
forces and l ’ ire unnecessarily he sparte,
because Tancredi, in the battered intent,
He took it away and threw himself on the sidelines.
TU, from your stroke weight, down co ‘ l Chin
n ’ went, Argante's, and don't you aitarte:
you fell for you, adventure in time
ch ’ other has to fall the pride.


He doubled the horrible blow, and the wind
forces and l ’ ira spread unnecessarily:
because Tancredi intent on dodging the blow,
He took off and launched by the.
TU, from your heavy weight , went to Earth
with his Chin all ’ down, Argante's, and you couldn't support you:
from you you fell; at least lucky in this,
others don't have the pride d ’ have landed.


The fall in particular strained the open sores,
and ‘ l blood expressed spreading descended.
Tip and the lacks in land, and you convert
Standing over a knee the defenses.
“Make yourself” cries, and lets him nine offerings,
without noiarlo, the Conqueror cortese.
Those of theft while the iron hunt
and on ‘ l heel on fiede, then the threat.


The violent coup of the fall spread her wounds
and the blood came rushing.
Turns to ’ opponent ready to defend,
straight over her knee, the defenses:
make yourself glory: and makes new offers of honorable surrender
desisting from ’ attack, the gracious winner.
Argante treacherously Meanwhile takes the sword,
and heel the wounds: where the threat.


Infuriossi then Tancredi, and said:
“So abuses, traitor?, pity my?”
Then the sword the fixed and the rifisse
talking the visor, If ascertained via.
Die Argante, and so moria what lived:
threatened by dying and not languished.
Superb, formidable and ferocious
the last risings fur, l ’ latest entries.

He raged then Tancredi and said:
“So abuse of my mercy, unfair man?”
Then the sword stuck, and continued to thrust
where the sword could punch you.
Die Argante, and that he died as he lived:
threatened as she died, and did not complain.
Superb, scary, and fierce
the latest moves were, the latest entries.


Ripon Tancredi iron, and then devoted
Thanks God of trionfal honor;
but left of forces has almost vain
the sanguine victory the winner.
He fears that the trip to the bike
durar cannot his fievol force;
While s ’ incamina, so step by step
for the Corsican ways move the footer lasso.


T. He placed the sword, and then devoted
Thanks God triumphant victory.
But the winner, because of the bloody victory
remained almost devoid of forces.
Fears that fails to move
and that his force will fade more and more.
Despite this s ’ walks, and so step by step
walks the streets already traveled to face Argante in duel.


Take the very next debil oltra couldn't
and the more endeavors more s ’ cares,
waves in Earth s ’ pon cheeks and frostbite.
on the right that par tremulous cane.
What vedea ACC see that rote,
and darkness of the s ’ clouds.
Al fin isviene; and ‘ l conqueror from won
not well distinguished look intently at saria in.


But could not drag over the weak body,
and the more you Sai, more growing l ’ breathlessness.
Sitting then on Earth and supports the body
on the right, that seems a slight wind rod.
What he saw was turned:
and view the fogged.
Finally faints: and the winner from won not
stands out more.

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