Properties of addition and multiplication


’ properties of addition and multiplication

Below you can find a simple explanation of the three mathematical properties that characterize multiplication and addition.
Proprietà della addizione e della moltiplicazione

The three properties are:

  • Commutative

  • Associatativa

  • Distributive law


The commutative property Dell ’ addition says that the sum of any number and u number b is equal to the sum of a number b and a

a b = b a

Example: 1+2 = 2+1 1+2 = 3 2+1 = 3 -> 3 = 3 so the relationship is correct

Commutative property of multiplication is the same thing but changing symbol.

axb = bxa

Example: 1×2 = 2×1 1×2 = 2 2×1 = 2 -> 2 = 2 so the relationship is correct

The associative property shows how to add two terms and the third corresponds to sum the second two and then the first, changing the calculation precedence order ’ through the curly doesn't change the result.

(a b)+c = a (b c)

Example: (1+2)+3= 1+(2+3) 6 = 6 so the relationship is correct

The same goes for the associative property of multiplication, changing the symbol.

(1×2)x 3 = 1 x(2×3) 6= 6

Finally we find the distributive property. Multiply a number by the sum of the other two is equivalent to multiplying the single issue for each Addend and sum their results..

h x (b c)= a x b a x c

Example: 2 x (3+4)= 2×3 + 2×4 14= 14






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