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Summary canto VI, canto VII Orlando Furioso


Summary canto VI, canto VII Orlando Furioso (sorceress Alcina)


Riassunto canto VI e canto VII Orlando Furioso

In this article you will find l ’ analysis of octaves 47-52 del canto VI and eighth 9-18 del canto VII of’Orlando Furioso.

In the sixth canto Ruggiero on all ’ hippogriff fly on ’ island of the sorceress Alcina. She lives in a beautiful mansion by the sea, surrounded by fantastic scenery and enchanted that constitutes a true place of peace and delight.

Once dropped to the ground on a plant of ’ alloy l Knight hippogriff Myrtle, that annoyed by ’ hippogriff starts talking. Myrtle says he Astolfo, champion of France, cousin of Orlando and Rinaldo. Astolfo tells of being the champion of Alcina and I enjoyed his company for two months, then it was transformed into a plant by the sorceress same, sick of Knight and eager to new men suitors. Astolfo puts then on guard Ruggiero and invites him to take his warnings very seriously, as Alcina, When he gets tired of her lovers transforms them into trees,stones or animals to prevent telling the story of his life lascivious.

Rhyme scheme: rhyme scheme of ABABABCC: iambic pentameter with octaves

In the seventh canto Ruggiero is greeted by Alcina and literally captivated by its beauty. She welcomes the Knight with his court and appears to Ruggiero as the beauty personified: blonde hair, front white and black eyes. Ruggiero is so bogus that considers the story of Aistulf conquered as a resentful of ’ lost love.

The main theme of the two chapters is that of pleasure. The pleasure is capable of upsetting the human mind and to eradicate its rationality. Ruggiero presented itself as a man of steadfast principles of chivalry, However now in the Court of Alcina remains totally captivated by her beauty and all that surrounds it (Palace,courtiers,music,songs and foods,..); comes to question the admonitions of Aistulf and forget even the beloved woman., Bradamante. Ariosto clearly shows how l ’ man be seduced too often by products from dell ’ existence coming to give more importance to all the externals ’ person with no inner values.

The topos of Aistulf turned into Myrtle is a clear example from the literary tradition. Similar examples found in The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. In canto XIII of’Hell in the forest of suicides (where Dante meets Pier delle Vigne) the damned are punished by their transformation into thorny shrubs, from whose branches, If broken, leave words and blood.

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