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Structure of the betrothed


Structure of the betrothed

Struttura dei Promessi sposi

The story of the narrative begins 7 November 1628 and ends at the beginning of November 1630.
The marriage between Renzo and Lucia which was to be celebrated the 8 November 1628 is prevented by Don Rodrigo, a gentleman who is in love with Lucia, It will only take place after the death of Don Rodrigo, two years later.
After trying in vain to get married , appearing suddenly in front of the curate, fearful Don Abbondio, the two lovers are forced to flee the country and to separate. The narrative follows as the Affairs of each other character so varied.
The structure of the betrothed is organized into six narrative nuclei and in three digressions.

In the first narrative core, ranging from chapter 1 in chapter 8 , the two betrothed are located together at the village, later fled after the failed surprise wedding.

In the second narrative core, occurring between the 9 and the 10 Chapter, We find the story of Lucia in Monza.

The third narrative core, by chapter 11 in chapter 17 We focus instead on Renzo in Milan amid riots, as well as his arrest and escape into the bergamasco.

In the fourth narrative core, ranging from chapter 20 in chapter 27, Lucia is kidnapped by the Unnamed and subsequently hosted by donna Prassede.

In the fifth narrative core, laying by the chapter 33 in chapter 35, We find the journey of Renzo from bergamasco to his country, then from country to Milan to find Lucia in the lazaret and finally back to the country.

In the sixth and final narrative core, definable between chapter 36 and chapter 38, is exposed the affair of the two protagonists together at last, first at the country, where they get married, later in Bergamo, where he lay down.

As it is easily notable have not been mentioned some chapters, including chapters 18 and 19, occupied instead by digression about the encounter between count uncle and the father provincial and history of the Unnamed. Chapters 28-32 include another digression, the one on the famine, on the war and the plague as well as on the adventures of Don Abbondio, Agnes and perpetual fleeing the arrival of mercenaries. Finally there is a third and final digression, minor between the end of the chapter 9 and the end of the chapter 10, dedicated to the history of Gertrude.
Digressions have a logical order to isolate the first two and last two nuclei of narrative and narrative core to separate the third and fourth, Additionally also serve as fitting the central narrative of the four nuclei (with alternating characters Lucia-Renzo-Lucia-Renzo).
The structure of the betrothed is thus being perfectly balanced and calculated on a complex system of alternations.



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