Pythagorean theorem


Pythagorean theorem

Teorema di Pitagora

Enunciated: in any right triangle, the sum of the squares of the other two sides is equal to the square of hypotenuse ’.

Then the main consequences that you see in the image ’:

Teorema di Pitagora


Thanks to this theorem is very easy, having two sides find the third and continue with other tasks that allow you to solve a given problem.



Given a triangle of major side 4 cm and 5 cm find the hypotenuse side less, l ’ area and the perimeter of the triangle.

Evidently the Pythagorean theorem would come in handy to find the missing side that we calculate so:

√5²-4²= 3

The minor cathetus will measure then 3 cm

The perimeter will be : 4cm 3 cm 5 cm = 12 cm

L ’ area: 3 x 4 x .5



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