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Future forms


Future forms

Future forms

Le forme future in inglese sono due (the future forms in english are two):

1) be going to + infinitive

2) will /shall + infinitive

1) Si usa la forma going to quando si ha già deciso di fare qualcosa o per fare una predizione sul futuro (con evidenza, es ci sono le nuvole nere-> sta per venire a piovere (it’s going to rain).

1) We use going to when we have already decided to do something, or to make a prediction about the future (with evidence, e.g the black clouds->it’s going to rain).

Future forms

2) Si usa will/ won’t per le decisioni istantanee, promesse, offerte e suggestioni, ma anche per predizioni.

Si usa shall con i soggetti I e we, per offerte e suggestioni quando queste sono domande.


2) We use will/ won’t for instant decisions, promises, offers and suggestions, but also for predictions.

We use shall with the subject I and we for offers and suggestions when they are questions.

Future forms




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