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Crea sito

The Greek painting


The Greek painting

La pittura greca

The Greek painting, and especially that very specific subjects such as Cretan had heroic scenes, the sea, the sacred rites, Games, animals and nature understood as vegetation.

Greek paintings show how the lives of individuals of ancient Greece was closely linked to nature, of which celebrated the harmony and beauty. The artists of ’ era showed then a peaceful and free world, governed by the rhythms of nature.

the colors were generally lying flat, so no shades, making them flatlanders. The figures are sharply demarcated allowing accentuation of vivid colors and an elegant expression.

In the Cretan painting men were represented by listing with eyes seen frontally and marked by a black outline very obvious. The human figures and others sggetti works were usually stained with natural colours composed primarily of organic matter which minerals or plants.

Most of the surviving paintings was reconstructed by the restorers as devoid of all elements or with significant surface damage such as not to allow recognition of the underlying decorations.



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