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Climatic regions of the Earth


Climatic regions of the Earth

Le regioni climatiche della terraLe regioni climatiche della terra

As you can see from the table some climatic regions show great differences between them, this is due to some factors influence the respective regions, making them more or less cold. The main factors that determine this kind of change is the presence of the sea and ocean currents.

Le regioni climatiche della terra

The equatorial climate is not in seasons, very high temperatures, heavy rainfall and tropical forest biome like.
The monsoonal climate presents an alternation between dry and wet season, high temperatures and abundant rainfall, the biome is the forest and in general there is a great variability of the season.
The tropical climate has a rainy season in the summer and warm all year round. The temperatures are high and the rains are between the 500 and 1500 mm per year. The biome is obviously the tropical forest and a peculiarity are the winds.
The desert climate has no seasons (It is warm all year round), clearly has very high temperatures and precipitation are void, is the desert biome and it is interesting to note the strong change in temperature between day and night.
Eastern climate presents a very hot summer and a cold winter. Temperatures are characterised by strong fluctuations, very abundant rains, the biome is the forest and a peculiarity are the tornadoes.
The Mediterranean climate has a hot summer and a mild winter, the temperatures are high and heavy rain, the biome is the stain and a particularity are summer and autumn storms.

The massive amounts of water of the oceans heat up more slowly than the surrounding air ’, but give off heat to the same for a longer period. The continental regions in the ’ hinterland have climates with temperature higher than in coastal regions, close to the seas or oceans.

Ocean currents instead make it more or less a given water so hot, because of heat exchange between two bodies with different temperatures, warmer coastal regions.



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