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Development of geography over time


Development of geography over time

Sviluppo della geografia nel tempo

Geography as we understand it today is very different from what was considered in greco-Roman age or 1800 ’…

In the age Greco-Roman the main goal of geography and of those who used it was to represent the Earth, especially to demonstrate on paper the lands from which they can make money or simply to track commercial or military shipping lanes shorter.

The goals of time was related to the marginal lens troubleshooting theoretical problems such as the form and the dimensions of the Earth.

Starting from Roman times until 1800 (Nineteenth century) There he concentrated more on descriptive geography, while starting from 1850 about the geography becomes a science with methods and specific objectives and certain.

The purpose of the modern geography is to give a rational response to the relationship that exists between man and the Earth's surface, studying comparative manner the diversity of spaces and the variety of behaviors of various human groups.

The geography is divided into three broad areas as you can see in the image below and are the human geography, the economic geography and physical geography.
In turn are divided into subcategories. Regarding the human geography we find which subcategories the story, demography and Ethnology. For economic geography there are the economy, businesses, politics and statistics. Finally for the physical geography the volcanology, Geology, Astronomy, the climatology and meteorology.

Sviluppo della geografia nel tempoSviluppo della geografia nel tempo















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