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Analyzing third news of fifth day of Decameron


Analyzing third news of fifth day of Decameron

Analisi terza novella della quinta giornata del Decameron

In this article you will find the’ analyzing third news of fifth day of Decameron, better known as the News of Pietro and Agnolella.
The theme the third novel of the fifth day of the Decameron are the loves happy, the Queen is Fiammetta and the novella is narrated by Elissa.
Here is a brief summary and l’ analysis of the third novel of the fifth day of the Decameron:
In Rome Peter Woo Agnolella, a girl who after some time manages to make her fall in love. Both families were however opposed to the Union of two lovers because they belonged to different social strata. Young people decided to escape to Alagna. On the way Peter was wrong way and came close to a castle where, spotted by some infantrymen, were forced to flee, separating. Agnolella escaped while Peter was reached. On the verge of death arrived Marines who did flee the first, Peter resumed his horse and began the search for his beloved , but she interrupted evening searches and climbed a tree to spend the night. Agnolella, riding in the woods for a long time past a cottage in the Woods, where did host by peasants that lived. Early in the morning came the brigands, but Agnolella managed to not to show up, shortly afterwards, summoned from the farmer to the Castle, where a lady the welcomed and hosted. Meanwhile some wolves devoured the horse of Peter and shortly after he saw the smoke in the distance. He walked on down the smoke found by shepherds around a hearth. Some pastors accompanied him to the Castle where Agnolella and Peter was greeted by the same was housed Gentlewoman, who welcomed him, too. Thanks to the Lady and her husband, who knew both families the two young men were able to marry and some time later returned to Rome.
We continue l’ analyzing third news of fifth day of Decameron with some features more specifications.
The first two paragraphs of the novel are a kind of logical bridge between the news of Emilia and that of Elissa. After hearing comments on the novel narrated by Emilia Queen Fiammetta asks Elissa started his novella. The latter agrees saying that will tell of a bad night passed by two lads, defined little discreet. Elissa anticipates that the story will have a happy ending, his story will be subject to the theme proposed by the Queen (love stories with happy endings).
Let the system of reference values for the third novel of the fifth day.
In this novel we find some themes characteristic of Boccaccio and more specifically the idea that human affairs are governed by luck and nature. The first is linked to the idea of chance and destiny, the second is an internal strength to man, that is its instincts and desires, that man must recognize and govern with intelligence.
Regarding the time factor is important to remember that reading is fast and there are many facts concentrated in a limited period of time, or a night. In some parts of the story the verbs in subordinate clauses are in implicit form (past participles and gerunds), that highlight the speed of events, making the highest rate and shortening the times. This usual temporal acceleration is given by the presence of ellipses.



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